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# Thursday, 29 October 2009
Thursday, 29 October 2009 09:34:26 (GMT Standard Time, UTC+00:00) ( Arquitecturas | Web Services )
The SOA Manifesto was finally agreed on and "inked" on this ceremony. Although not a set of earth-changing statements, they would have been a decade ago, it represents a set of common sense from all the more vocal guys in this area.

Personally I couldn't find anything that would leave uncomfortable any of the major players, so the whole lists is too "soft" and "vague" that no one will complain. As I said, everyone had enough time to adapt during the last years. If this is still relevant nowadays? I don't believe so, maybe for their personal curriculum/branding/marketing, but for the industry this will be just a reference to update in the marketing documentation - Everyone already writes those statements in their Marketing lingo.

Where I believe change/impact will happen, will be in the frameworks & languages people will use to collaboratively develop those integration challenges:
  • Will we have wiki-style development of contracts? text-based and/or visually? oslo?
  • Will we have expressive and simple languages for mapping? Grails/GORM?
  • Will we have convention-over-configuration as we didn't had with Indigo/WCF? ADO.NET Data Services?
  • Will we have auto-magical-injected-best-practices-guidance like in RoR or MVC?
  • And surely everyone will be soa-manifesto complaint, interoperable and extensible!
Now we have a manifesto, proper and extensible plumbing (WS-*), auto translations/representations (SOAP/REST/json), dropped UML&Java to DSLs. It's time for the frameworks & tools to show up now!

# Thursday, 15 October 2009
Thursday, 15 October 2009 10:32:25 (GMT Daylight Time, UTC+01:00) ( )

This week I’m in Microsoft Innovation Center in Nederland participating in the worldwide’s first training for DDC partners.

This accelerator brings some of the core platform assets from Microsoft (Windows Virtualization and System Center management) into an integrated accelerator for the deployment of these servers into Hosters/SaaS offers.


There is a web site with most of the documents covered during the workshop (IE’s HTA app built for a DVD).

I will list here the links to the detailed docs and source code:

  7/17/2009 6:43 PM      8303592 DDC FastStart Getting Started.docx
 7/13/2009  2:16 PM      2636288 AspNetDynamicDataCenterSetup.msi
7/13/2009 2:17 PM 4563938
9/3/2009 5:44 PM 60682
9/3/2009 7:34 PM 478208 ConfigurationWebServiceSetup.msi

9/16/2009 2:37 PM 1390080 DemoInstaller.msi
9/16/2009 2:41 PM 1949184 DemoInstallerV2.msi
2/25/2009 3:23 AM 19332239 DPMHostingServices.chm
9/3/2009 5:44 PM 132569
9/3/2009 7:34 PM 3646464 DPMServiceInstaller.msi
2/25/2009 3:24 AM 356864 GoLiveFramework-ReleaseNotes.doc
2/25/2009 3:19 AM 6210690 GoLiveHelp.chm
2/25/2009 3:24 AM 355328 Hosting Services Web Service Installation.doc
2/25/2009 3:24 AM 347648 Hosting Services Windows Service Installation.doc
9/3/2009 7:34 PM 2928640 HostingWindowsService.msi
9/3/2009 7:34 PM 1379840 HostServiceSetup.msi
6/2/2009 2:38 PM 268918 Instructions for Building Managed Hosting SilverLight Demo.docx
7/27/2009 10:08 AM 11977534
9/3/2009 5:44 PM 859271
9/9/2009 8:20 PM 1037824 MonitoringWebServiceSetup.msi
9/3/2009 5:30 PM 9870048 MSH
2/25/2009 3:23 AM 936448 SampleClientSetup.msi
9/3/2009 7:34 PM 451584 VirtualizationWebServiceSetup.msi
6/16/2009 10:23 PM 130094 WCF Service Install Instructions.docx

My personal running set of VMs for running this scenario is already near the 100GB, so be careful and plan accordingly before just trying to setup all the environment. Nevertheless, the sample websites/silverlight and the management web services and much simpler and can be very useful to jumpstart anyone working with windows deployment, automation, provisioning, etc…

Thank you Mark and Pascal for making this a very interesting and rewarding week :-)