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# Thursday, 08 March 2007
Thursday, 08 March 2007 02:05:37 (GMT Standard Time, UTC+00:00) ( Arquitecturas | SaaS | TechDays07 | Web | Web Services )

Muitas foram as tecnologias que sofreram disrupções devido ao XML. Durante muito tempo acreditei que o SOAP era a "Killer Application". Hoje reconheço que o SOAP ainda tem muito para crescer. Mas uma outra aplicação teve uma adopção viral e que afectou muitas pessoas bem fora da tradicional tribo de tecnólogos: O RSS - Real Simple Syndication.

Hoje recebi este video que ilustra muito bem como é que o XML, o hipertexto e acima de tudo, as pessoas, estão a mudar completamente a Web.

Web 2.0 is linking people...

...people sharing, trading, and collaborating ...|

entretanto falta tão pouco para o techdays e:

O Simão ja postou sobre o Visual Studio SP1 Update for Vista e sobre o evento de mobilidade no Porto.

A Sónia fez o braindump do exame beta de Team Foundation Server (71-510).

O Paulo e o Sérgio estão a preparar uma sessão muito interessante para o TechDays: Composite Applications.

Pelo blog do Antonio Cruz é possível recontruir a agenda que ele escolheu para o Architect Insight 2007;

  • Solution Supply Chains - Jack Greenfield - He decided not do do a demo of Web Service Software Factory - We can do ourselves that at home - We would not get the vision that people at MS is getting - It also did not installed correctly on Jack's machine (LOL) Agenda: - Learning Read More...
  • Enterprise Architect Group Final Meeting - The Role of An Architect - Check "Developing the Future" whitepaper. There is also a Microsoft response to it. - There is going to be a DTF version 2 - Why having focus groups like this in conferences? - The role of an architect could benefit from clarity Read More...
  • What Do Architects Do, Anyway? - Ron Jacobs, Microsoft, Architect Evangelist http:// (or) for video - What is the role of the architect? - What is software architecture? - Do I want to become an architect? - Architecture as a profession - Read More...
  • Identity Scale Federation - Steve Plank, Microsoft, - Players: - Identity Provider - Relying Party - Subject - Specs: - WS-Policy - WS-MEX - WS-Security Policy - Ws-Security - Relying Parties can be web services or web sites but usually are web sites - Using Read More...
  • Active or Passive Federation for the Enterprise - Steve Plank, Identity Architect, Microsoft - Federation Flow - Home-round discovery is the process of knowing of all the trust relations I have which one will be the one that applies to me - All the redirection is done using HTTP 302 - Check the WS-Federation Read More...
  • Enterprise Architect Group Second Meeting - EN01 (II Part) - Architecture has not the same scope as systems engeneering - There are similarities with a physical arquitect - The deliverables make difference, at the end of the day that will be what distinguishes architects Architects flavors - Enterprise Read More...
  • SaaS As A Disruptive Technology  - Matt Deacon, Microsoft UK, Steven Moxey, Manchester Business School (Nota: entrei a meio da sessão) - What are the key attributes of a traditional software product? Case study: SIEBEL (CRM) - Market share - In-house retention of data - Integration with Read More...
  • Service Capsules - A Language and Patterns Perspective on Service Design and Implementation - Arvindra Sehmi, Microsoft EMEA DPE - This session is about emerging ideias and concepts - The term Service Capsule is not an official approved or endorsed by Microsoft - The term Service Capsule is used simply to distinguish from the term Service - This Read More...
  • SOA for Support and Maintenance - Steve Jones, Head of SOA, Capgemini - There *is* a SOA Reference Model: adopt the OASIS SOA Reference Model - Its independent - Its an OASIS Standard - Its applicable to business and IT services (...) - IT needs to change to be about Value, not Cost - Read More...
  • Roadmap to Strategic SOA - David Sprott, CBDI - SOA is very old, this session will start with an assessment to help participants understand what is their current SOA adoption stage - CBDI Presentation, SOA consultants - Specialist firm provinding actionable guidance and support Read More...
  • Clinics - The Future of Software Industry - Architect Insight Clinics - The Future of Software Industry, Andy James - Promote the debate, discussion of the future of software (6 groups): - Focus - Challenge - DtF (Developing the Future) V2 Themes - The theme for this room is: Skills and Education Read More...
  • Where to place your SOA bets? - Sam Lowe, Capgemini, - The SOA has to pay off, otherwise it will loose credibility - Why SOA bets? - Definitions of SOA differ and stakeholders are unclear - The roadmaps out there are unclear - An SOA initiative has to be a change Read More...
  • Enterprise Architect Group First Meeting - What architects have in common: incorrect job titles - Tables are: - Strategy - Infrastructure - Solutions - Enterprise - What are the generic attributes of an architect? - Where is the value of beeing an architect? - Enterprise architect engages with Read More...
  • Introduction - 150 delegates Intro by Matt Deacon, Chief Architect Advisor, Microsoft UK - OpenXML is an ECMA standard and MS wants it to be an ISO standard - Signatures will be submitted to the british council for approval Ed Gibson, Chief Security Advisor, Microsoft Read More...
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